• Upgrades included
  • incl. API REST Service calls
  • Free NFR licenses
  • One-time license costs
  • Planning security
  • Support straight from the manufacturer
  • 5 or more licenses
250,- €
  • per simultaneous ecoDMS connection
  • Concurrent User System
  • plus annual software maintenance
  • Net price
Our comprehensive solution offers businesses guaranteed planning security. It consists of licenses, support and software maintenance with updates and upgrades for our two archiving systems and the ecoDMS API.
All-inclusive service for business people: Our full archiving solution offers guaranteed planning security with fixed annual support fees and all available version updates.
ecoDMS One offers corporate customers a fixed pricing structure for software maintenance and support of our archiving systems. All this is directly from the manufacturer.
This modern low-cost solution comprises ecoDMS and ecoMAILZ licenses, API connects and support and software maintenance, including update service for the entire license term.
ecoDMS One comprises the full versions and separate, free NFR licenses to allow customers to comprehensively test the software and also connect proprietary systems.
Please request a tailored offer to suit the needs of your company for ecoDMS One.