The Automatic Mail Archive!
Automatic, legally conform and secure archiving of incoming and outgoing emails.
ecoMAILZ is the perfect solution for legally compliant and long-term e-mail archiving.
With ecoMAILZ you can archive all new and existing emails including attachments automatically, legally-compliant and directly from the email server.
The two-step archiving concept opens up entirely new options for email archiving and securing privacy.
The EU's General Data Protection Regulation forms a comprehensive right to the erasure of personal data. It states, among others, that personal data that is no longer required must be erased immediately. ecoMAILZ enables the erasure of archived emails.
With this state-of-the art email archive, you can store your emails securely in a central archive and quickly retrieve them from your PC, mobile phone or tablet.
Get to know more about the email archive through our official product videos.
Legally compliant email archiving without thinking about it. ecoMAILZ does all the work in the background for you and gives you security.
The ecoMAILZ licensing model is fair and real value for money. Licence ecoMAILZ according to your requirements for a one-time payment of 49.00 Euro incl. 19% VAT per user.
ecoMAILZ is based on a modern, cross-platform container storage system. Read more about the official system requirements of ecoMAILZ email archiving software here.
Images say more than a thousand words. Here you can look at screenshots of the initial ecoDMS version 17.08 (donnie).
Our PDF manuals give a clear and detailed description of how to archive emails with ecoMAILZ.
Our email archiving software is under constant development, accommodating user requests.
Read the official licensing terms for ecoMAILZ software here.