Automate business processes (Exclusively for business customers)

Workflow Details

The open workflow system enables the automation of all processes and the individual optimisation of company processes.
ecoWorkflow enables you to automate all processes quickly and easily without requiring programming knowledge.
The open workflow system can automatically execute individual functions and processes with customized modules.
The web client offers access to the archive from any platform, such as from a PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet, and any location through an internet browser.
The fair licensing model also allows you to use this powerful workflow solution in small and medium-sized businesses. Request a quote.

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The software is configurable and can be connected and extended with other components.
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Solutions for business customers

Thousands of small, medium-sized and large businesses from different types of industries and numerous private users are convinced of the scalability, platform independence and value-for-money our software and services offer.
AllInOne Business Solution
This full package offers businesses planning security. It includes licenses, support and software maintenance for ecoDMS, ecoWORKZ, ecoMAILZ and ecoDMS API.
Automating business processes
Open workflow system for optimising, customising and automating all business processes.