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The new ecoDMS has been released for a few weeks now. The modern user interface has been well-received by ecoDMS users.

With the new licensing model and the associated rolling releases, ecoDMS customers benefit from many advantages. For the duration of the selected period, ecoDMS GmbH repeatedly provides users with new, free software updates. In contrast to the old licensing model, these can contain brand new features in addition to improvements, updates and bug fixes. The choice of the update period offers long-term planning security.

From now on, ecoDMS customers will get even more value for their money.

Until now, when purchasing a license, all customers were able to obtain bug fixes and minor optimisations for the duration of the life cycle of their purchased ecoDMS version. New features were released with major releases, which usually had a life cycle of around 24 months and had to be purchased. This has changed now: ecoDMS will no longer have major releases. There are now several updates (rolling releases) per year, which include brand new developments and expand the range of features. These rolling releases are provided free of charge during the selected update period. Of course, customers can always extend the term.

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Unique Lifetime License Fee Guarantee

In terms of the licensing model, the Aachen-based company stands out with its unique lifetime license-fee guarantee (LLG). Among other things, the LLG allows existing customers to pay only their applicable license fee when upgrading. The LLG offers a consistent and very fair license fee. It ensures that license fees for loyal existing customers can never be increased. The lifetime license fee guarantee is automatically activated upon purchase. Customers are only entitled to this offer if all terms were extended without interruption within a 3-month grace period.

To purchase the ecoDMS upgrade, existing customers only need to enter their ecoDMS version 18.09 license number in the "ecoDMS Upgrade" product in the shop and select the desired update period. The shop then automatically displays the correct purchase price.

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For new customers, ecoDMS continues to cost a fair € 89 incl. 19% VAT per concurrent connection for a 24-month update period. The 48 month-period makes the price even cheaper in relation. In this case, the price is only € 159 incl. 19% VAT per concurrent connection. The lifetime license-fee guarantee is also included.

To ensure that ecoDMS users are always up-to-date, ecoDMS displays the status of the installed ecoDMS version and information on license validity in the user interface.

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New, Intuitive Archiving Features

ecoDMS is considered the most powerful and affordable document management system in the world. Folders and general paper consumption can be reduced to a minimum with this document management system. All documents are automatically full-text indexed and, if required, classified and archived by the system itself. Integrated, automatic text recognition and search and filtering features make searching for documents as easy and fast as googling. The current ecoDMS version contains a variety of innovations, including, for example,
  • a modern card view with preview and all document information,
  • simplified search functions and layout,
  • a clipboard tab as a virtual folder for archived documents,
  • and a new activity overview for logging document events
The official ecoDMS changelog contains a list of all new features.

For this and more information visit

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