Support and Service

Professional support and excellent service straight from the manufacturer

We are there for you! Our company's aim is to provide quality software and excellent service for every customer.

Fee-based support offers

A support package includes exclusive manufacturer support according to the modern prepaid principle.

Free support services

Here you can find free tips, advice, product details, FAQs and support information surrounding our software and services.
Use this form to submit any issues or software bugs straight to our development team.
Our free video tutorials on YouTube show and explain the features of our software.
Our PDF documentation gives a detailed explanation of the installation, setup and use of our software.

License Service

Here you can request the free restoration of your software licence through our service team.
Should your workstation not have internet access, activate your ecoDMS Archive manually here.
Here you can determine the latest software version for your existing license.

Technical Information

Learn more about our remote maintenance service and the required CDP agreement within the scope of a support package.
Read more about the system requirements and technical details of our software solutions and the available versions here.
Our software is under constant development to include the requests from users. Here you can read more about the development progress of our archiving systems in form of a change log.
You have new ideas or requests related to our software solutions? We are looking forward to hearing about your ideas.